Jan Kurze

I am a child of the 70’s, born in Hameln and grew up in Eckernförde at the baltic sea. In the late 80´s I moved to Berlin. In Berlin I did an engineering degree of cartography. During this time I had my first contacts to the world of tattooing. I started my career as a „home scratcher“. After a long trip to the US westcoast at the end of the 90´s I decided to become a professional tattooer.

Now I am tattooing professionally since 25 years.

1995-1998 at Tatau Obscure in Berlin,
since 1999 in our studio FÜR IMMER collectively with Fide.

In the beginning I tried to work in every style, but I always loved the ornamental work. There was no lack of tribals in the 90´s. Over time my interest for the classic japanese tattoo got bigger, there was always a fascination for it but I definitely didn`t have the knowledge or the skills for this kind of work. Meanwhile, after more than 15 years of studying and various trips to japan, I mainly focus on this kind of tattoo.