Fede Borgia

I’m Fede and I’m from Roma where I did my tattoo apprenticeship in 2012 and where my career as a Tattooist started.
End 2014 I moved to Brighton UK then Paris and now I’m in Berlin since 2020.

I didn’t do any artistic study, my biggest “school” was doing graffiti in the streets since I was teenager and later I worked as a graphic designer/art director in advertising.

I was taught to do any kind of tattoo style, as in a proper old apprenticeship, but what represent me the most is traditional English tattoo thanks to my few years in Brighton where I developed a big passion for the historical side of this amazing craft trade! 
I like solid bright and bold colours and I get inspiration from the most classic traditional English tattooists, punk and Oi subculture, 80’s movies, comix, erotic magazines…
Always open to new challenges I try to give a more “modern” approach to a very old style that will last forever!